Consulting Designations

We offer courses for two consulting designations:

About the ACRE® Designation Course
To obtain your ACRE® Designation, you’ll need to enroll in the ACRE® Designation course which consists of three Modules, a few quizzes and a final “project” that must be completed, submitted and approved.

The Modules cover the basics of real estate consulting; Module One discusses the concepts and philosophies of consulting, Module Two guides you through the process of identifying your “Strategic Focus” (who you will serve and what services you will offer) and in Module Three you will develop your rates and fees that correspond with the Strategic Focus you identified in Module Two.

The course includes some required reading (and listening), but the majority of the time you’ll spend in the course will be in applying what you’re learning to your own future consulting practice. In other words, most lessons in Modules Two and Three come with DOING assignments that you’ll need to complete prior to moving onto the next lesson.

Upon completion of the ACRE® Designation course, here’s what you will have learned:

  • How to shift your mindset FROM a contingent-commission approach TO a professional consulting one;
  • How to choose the potential clients you are interested in and qualified to serve;
  • How to identify and fine-tune the non-traditional real estate services you are interested in and qualified to provide;
  • How to determine your Market Value Hourly Rate (MVRP)
  • How to use your MVRP as a guide to pricing your services;
  • How to choose the appropriate approach to developing your fees - the one that is right for you; 
  • How to prepare a Consulting Business Plan.

To complete the course and receive your ACRE® Designation, you’ll be required to create and submit a consulting business plan (a sample is provided) that incorporates all the lessons and assignments from the course into one document that will form the basis for your consulting practice. You will also be required to attest whether or not you intend to incorporate consulting (on some level) into your business within the next six months.

If you are not prepared to create your business plan and/or commit to including consulting into your business model right now, you may still take the course and return at a later date when you’re ready to dive in. We’ll still be here!

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About CPiRE™
CPiRE™ stands for “Consulting Professional in Real Estate” and is the designation that follows ACRE®. Having your ACRE® Designation is a pre-requisite for obtaining your CPiRE™.

The CPiRE™ Designation demonstrates that the licensee not only offers consulting services, but is also competent to provide expert counsel in real estate matters. In other words, the CPiRE™ Designation includes a competence component that is not included in the ACRE® Designation. This certainly doesn’t imply that ACRE®s are not competent, not at all(!) just that licensees who take the next step and obtain their CPiRE™ have made the extra effort to show the world that they take their career seriously and are committed to competently serving their clients.

The CPiRE™ Designation program is currently in development and we’ll release the details as they become available.

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