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This question is for Mollie, but if anyone else has input- please share!

I see on one of your marketing packages, you had a link to more information for Keller Williams agents.  The link is no longer active, but I am wondering how much Gary Keller knows about this program and if indeed he is open to it?  I am with a KW branch in Arizona and so far, my brokers are not exactly excited about the idea of me consulting.



Hi Hilary,

Gary Keller knows about ACRE and in fact, he provided a testimonial for my book "The End of 6%". I know Gary from way back as I was one of the original members of the Tech Consortium when I was new to KW.

Regarding his thoughts about consulting, this is probably the best analogy: Let's say that Gary is General Motors and ACRE is a start-up that is developing a new innovative motor. Gary is encouraging of this new prototype, but until it catches fire and becomes more "mainstream", he's not ready to put it in his cars yet.

I've spoken with Gary at length about consulting and he is very encouraging of what we are doing - but he's not going to commit KW to it yet. However, most KW offices are very open to it. My best advice is to ask them to watch the Intro To Consulting video on our You Tube Channel. Most brokers, after watching it, have a totally different attitude to it, and in fact, many become ACREs themselves. Suggest it and let us know how you make out.

Note: this link will only be good for another week or so since I'm updating this video. If the link no longer works when you go to forward it, just go to our channel on You Tube and you'll find the video under the "Professionals" playlist.

I used to be with KW too. I love the KW concept, and Gary K, is my hero, but I am no longer with them because it isn't consistant from office to office.

Each KW office is independently owned and managed.  Some stick to the KW business model very closely, others not-so-much!

Talk to your team leader, and your office owner(s), then talk to other offices to see how they feel about ACRE. 

Thanks for your feedback Mollie and Vicki!

So, I apologize in advance if this is a silly question.. but are there ANY brokerages out there that specialize in consulting?  If not, are there any in the works that you know of?

Mollie, are you with a brokerage?  Or, are you your own brokerage?

I am just curious if moving brokers or becoming my own is the route I am going to have to take if I decide to take consulting to the next level.


Hilary - no silly questions on the Exchange!

I know that there are now brokerages that specialize in consulting - many started by ACREs! But no big franchises...yet!

I am inactive right now - can't build ACRE and do client work presently. When I was active, I was with KW which was very accepting of consulting. Prior to KW, I was with RE/MAX and a New England franchise.

Vicki is right about each office being independent. While many ACRE's find RE/MAX totally cool with consulting, I had a hard time with my local office which is why I went to KW.

Regarding going out on your own versus moving brokers, ACREs who are committed to consulting are doing both. I would love to hear from other ACREs regarding the decisions that they've made.

Hi Hilary, I am an independent broker in Nashville, TN and am very open to the consulting business model, and see the future of my brokerage and agents working the consulting model. 

My opinion is that if your broker is not accepting of the consulting business model there is someone out there that will welcome it and your fresh approach.

Personally, I don't think an agent needs a big name behind them to be successful in this business.  If you are marketing you and your services to potential clients they are buying you and the value you bring to them, not the name of the agency.


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