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Jennifer Allan Hagedorn

brick cropped small-thumb-250x164-1817.jpg Jennifer was a top producing real estate broker in Denver, Colorado before writing her first book in 2007. Since then, she has written several more books about the business of selling real estate including her flagship book: Sell with Soul: Creating an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate without Losing Your Friends, Your Principles or Your Self-Respect, the sequel, If You're Not Having Fun Selling Real Estate, You're Not Doing it Right and Prospect with Soul for Real Estate Agents.

As the leader of the ACRE® community, Jennifer brings with her a vision of a real estate industry inhabited by professionals, not hucksters. Of an industry where we are respected members of society, rather than the punch lines to bad jokes. Where our clients don't balk at our fees because they recognize and appreciate the value we bring to the table. But she doesn't believe that this utopian real estate society happens by chance, or with expensive national advertising or defensive protestations as to the value of our service. She believes that we can EARN the respect of the public by BEING competent, caring, client-centered professionals who know how to get the job done.

Jennifer is excited to bring this vision to ACRE®. Perhaps we won't change the world today or tomorrow, but we can create a safe place for those of us who want to be a part of making this vision a very real reality!

Merv Forney

merv_cw.jpg Merv is the developer of the real estate industry's first Activity Based Pricing model, known as SmartPlan™, which allows real estate agents to price their services on actual work performed. SmartPlan™ provides complete consumer cost transparency that is inherently lacking in the traditional commission model. SmartPlan™ is available to any real estate agent or organization as an optional service pricing strategy and coupled with the ACRE® designation and consulting practice provides a unique value proposition setting you apart from your competition.

In 2004 Merv and his wife Pamela formed the Choice3 Realty Group doing business exclusively as real estate consultants. Merv used his 25+ years experience as an executive with IT services firm EDS to develop his real estate consulting models using Acivity Based Pricing. Early on, Merv found Mollie and discovered her successful approach was very similar and further solidified the Choice3 business model.

In March of 2005, Merv launched one of the very first national and regional real estate Blogs: the Northern Virginia Real Estate Guide. When active, the Blog was consistently ranked among the top 100 nationally and consistently recieved over 100,000 page views per month. His consulting business model, technology expertise and business approach served him well in an industry ready for significant change.

Prior to launching his real estate career, Merv founded the Business Interchange Group (BIG), a management and technology consulting firm. Merv's business and technology background from a successful 25 year career with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) allows him to also develop and/or deploy many web based technologies used for real estate and small business clients.

Merv is now focusing his time and energies assisting brokers and real estate agents with marketing, technology and the use of his proprietary SmartPlan™ through the Business Interchange Group.

Judi Bryan

JudiBryan-thumb.jpg Judi is a real estate Broker affiliated with RE/MAX Accord in Bloomingdale, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. She has served on her local Board of Realtors in various capacities, including the Education Committee, Technology Task Force, Equal Opportunity in Housing Committee, and Professional Standards Committee. First licensed in 1983, Judi's been an enthusiastic participant in the dramatic changes that have appeared on the real estate industry landscape.

Early to embrace emerging technologies, Judi has always believed that there must be better, faster, more efficient ways to perform the functions an agent must perform, benefitting both the agent and the clients they serve. To that end, she established herself early on as the go-to person among her piers for anything having to do with tools, resources, technologies.

As a respected contributor to numerous online real estate communities for many years, Judi was selected to be among a handful of highly regarded agents from around the country to beta test the revolutionary new ACRE® program designed to enable agents to broaden both the services they provide the consumer as well as their ability to get paid for them. Since experiencing the program first hand, Judi has been actively sharing her thoughts and talents in the ACRE® community.

Ron Stuart

ron-stuart-thumb-143x193-1163.pngReal Estate Brokerage is Ron’s second career having spent the first twenty-something years of his business life in the IT world.

After eight years with a major nationally franchised brokerage he became disillusioned with how the Real Estate Industry treats consumers. As Ron was researching a more consumer-friendly business model, HarbourSide Realty Ltd., a local boutique-sized firm, offered a partnership opportunity in an innovation-supportive environment where he has practiced for the last twelve years.

With his own research and an eye on his previous IT experience Ron devised a fee-for-service business model that has worked well with listing clients for several years. Along the way he discovered ACRE® and the Real Estate Consulting Institute, a nurturing environment in which he refined his existing model and developed a consulting oriented approach for Buyers. He has written various articles for the Graduate Exchange, provided personal coaching to fellow ACRES® and delivered several training webinars for the ACRE® Community while serving as a member of that body’s Advisory Council.

Ron is a Past-President of the Nova Scotia Association of REALTORS®, a past commissioner of the Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission and a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute (FRI). He continues a regulatory involvement with the Licensing Committee of NSREC. His current real estate practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia is almost exclusively consulting oriented.

Mollie Wasserman

molliew.jpgMollie is the author of The End of 6% - How to Get the Real Estate Expertise You Need Without Paying Commission (unless you want to), which outlines the consulting model for the consumer. She is also the author of Ripping the Roof off Real Estate and the coauthor of How to Make Your Realtor® Get You the Best Deal, Massachusetts Edition.

She founded the Accredited Consultant in Real Estate® (ACRE) Training and Certification Program in 2006 and continues on the Council working on special projects such as teaching workshops and the course in a live environment as well as presenting the consulting model to real estate groups.

Mollie has been at the forefront of real estate technology from the beginning of her real estate career. Her first website, MollieW.com went live in March of 1996. It has been featured in Banker & Tradesman, Forbes.com, Money.com, and the magazine for the National Association of Realtors®. In 1998, Intel profiled her as "the agent of the future" in its research paper on the transformation of the real estate industry.

Mollie holds a Bachelor of Arts in mass communications from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from Northeastern University. She has achieved considerable distinction in her 15-year real estate career, earning recognition as an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), an e-PRO 500 (Select 50) Certified Internet Professional, an iSucceed Mentor, and one of only 200 Cyberstars™ around the world: an elite group of Realtors® who have generated a significant portion of their business through the use of current technology.

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