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Fee-for-Tour in a Resort Market
04-26-2012, 09:08 AM
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Fee-for-Tour in a Resort Market
I had an interesting conversation yesterday with an agent who lives in a resort market - she's not an ACRE, so our conversation had nothing to do with consulting, but rather with her being rather picky about who she chooses to spend her time with.

Because she's in a resort market, and because her office is located in a prime tourist spot, she says that they get dozens of walk-ins every week of people who are visiting and would like to know more about the local real estate.

Hey, I've done that myself! I once put a contract on a piece of beachfront land in Mexico after a few too many Senor Frog's lunchtime margaritas... but that's a (sad) story for a different day.

Anyway, most of these tourists will never buy anything, or if they do put a contract on something, it's highly likely they'll experience buyer's remorse once they get home and back out. At least, that was my experience during the year I worked in Steamboat Springs.

So...I'm thinking... for those of you who work in resort or second-home markets...or even if you don't... do you think you could put together a little real estate tour package for visitors... charge a reasonable fee for it... which, if you like, could be credited back at closing?

Make the package truly valuable - not just a gimmick to fill up your gas tank - something that a reasonably intelligent tourist who is reasonably interested in the local real estate market might think is worth paying for?

Any ideas? Let's NOT even think the words "That'll never work because..." - let's assume that it WILL work and come up with something cool!
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