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Do Not Trust Real Estate Agents
06-25-2012, 09:28 PM
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Do Not Trust Real Estate Agents
The Reader’s Digest annual “most trusted” list has recently been announced and, although I haven’t scoured the names, it seems safe to presume there’s no real estate agents included. In fact, last time I checked, they were ranked even lower than journalists in terms of trustworthy occupations, which is really saying something. What’s that? You didn’t think anything could be lower than a journo? Precisely my point.

Not that I’m setting out here to demonise real estate agents. Perish the thought. In any case, they seem to have managed that quite successfully on their own.

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06-26-2012, 08:11 AM
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RE: Do Not Trust Real Estate Agents
A few years ago, I had a few articles reprinted in a South African real estate magazine - and from the hostile and vicious comments my articles received, I could tell that, at least in SA, real estate agents are considered lower than pond scum - and far LESS respected than they are here. Don't know if the same applies in NZ, but it was rather interesting.

I do wonder if Canadian real estate agents are considered more trust-worth than their US counterparts - from what I've seen of the Canadian real estate industry and their training, it appears to me that Canadians take the career a bit more seriously as a profession than we do here...

But the big picture is that, as the author of the articles implies (or out right states), WE have done this to ourselves... we AREN'T a misunderstood industry that truly has the best interests of our clients in mind, but for "some reason" has been demonized... We DESERVE the disrespect we receive for many reasons... including a training regimen that focuses heavily on prospecting instead of competence, a compensation system that only pays the practitioner if their client chooses a particular path and an abysmally low barrier to entry...
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