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Listing Update

Hi all,

Just thought I'd share what has happened with the listing I took as a result of the consultative approach.

I feel I'd have gotten the listing/business anyway because this is my neighborhood and I'm known in the area for getting houses sold at full price or close to it. In fact, my list to price ratio is 98.9%. But I think the consultant approach made it much easier because, perhaps for the first time, I think the Seller could really UNDERSTAND the value that a professional brings.

Now, here's the cool thing. It's already under contract. It took less than 6 days to get a contract on it and although not full price it was close enough to make him very happy since this means he can join his wife & family in Pa. much sooner than he had thought.

And, sure enough, there have been landmines to negotiate. There are septic system issues and a few other oddball issues that he would not have had the time or knowledge to work through. I was able to get these things wrapped up in a few days and he thinks I'm a genius! We close on Jan. 12th.

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