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Update - My First Appointment


Just wanted to let y'all know that I had my appointment Monday evening. It went very well, even though I was nervous. The Seller didn't know I was nervous or that I hadn't made a presentation like this before, so it was smooth from his perspective.

Even though I had his Seller needs Analysis, I wanted to know more about him and his motivation for selling (wife has already relocated and he's staying in an empty house-in the basement on a cot); wants to sell fast; wants to save the commission; has sold FSBO once before. I asked him what he liked most about selling FSBO and what he liked the least.

He said he liked saving $$$. The part he liked the least was the after the contract was signed. he said he could remember how much "pain" there was trying to be sure the buyer was really qualified, the landmines surrounding the home inspection and request for repairs, which
is where one of his contracts blew up. We talked a while and then I gave him an overview of what services I offered.

By the time we got through, he said that selling fast was his biggest issue and he decided that even though he had the ability to do so, he didn't have the time to do what I could do. I walked away with a listing.

He was impressed that I wasn't trying to "sell" him on a listing presentation. He thinks a lot of REALTORS® sell their souls just to get a listing and he feels much better knowing a "professional" who has confidence in herself is in the driver's seat.

Deb Orth


I know everyone will think it's great that you got a listing, but I think the best thing is how you handled yourself and how you expressed it here on the forum. Top-notch, class A stuff. Honestly.

I especially love the last remark where you point out the seller appreciated your low-pressure sales technique, and that you didn't push the listing. It's a classic truth: When you're not asking, the blessings come.

How often do we hear of couple who try invitro-fertilization for years before giving up and adopting? Then, the day they sign the adoption papers, the wife finds out she's pregnant without the drugs, and now they'll have two beautiful kids. Or the frazzled high-powered business person who vainly chases riches for years, but then quits to find peace doing something he loves, only to find that he does it so well he gets rich at it.

I love those stories. (Yeah, I'm a sap...got a problem with that?) And it's how I do my business. It's how I keep my blood pressure low. You've really pointed out a great truth to all of us. The very best thing about the consulting model is that it finally takes the pressure off. And with the pressure off, you're going to succeed more often than nnot.

Great post Deb, and great job.

Now I have to go. I have a long high-horse ride back to my ivory tower, and I still have to take the time to look down on everyone before I get there.

Bye all!


Great post Dan, and yes, Deb deserves big Kudo's for what she did. It is scary and fearful to do something new, when you aren't sure of what to say, what to do, but she pulled it off WELL.

Now everyone else can learn a lesson from this, you do NOT need to have this down to an art before you start.

Do something, even if it's wrong (one of my co-workers favorite sayings!). You'll learn from it, and it may just work.


Hey, Dan

Thanks so much for your comments. You know, I've found that sellers are like dogs in that they can smell fear. When an agent is scared to death, puts all of his/her hopes/dreams into "getting" the listing, the seller "smells" it and has the upper hand.

As you pointed out, this model takes the pressure off. No matter what the result, I come out a winner even if the seller chooses to go it alone or go with someone else. That's because I communicate my VALUE and my clear and unwavering confidence in my ability and my professionalism. NEXT!

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