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Consulting isn't just for buyers and sellers...

 Unlike real estate sales, as a consultant, your work with clients and prospects is not limited to just assisting people who are buying or selling a home. Certainly assisting active buyers and sellers will continue to be the majority of your work and with the options that you can now offer, you'll win more buyers and listings than ever.

But the bonus of being an ACRE is the additional income opportunities that you have assisting consumers that aren't buying or selling or, not buying or selling NOW. Think of the range of clients that ACREs are now working with (and getting paid for!) Investors, homeowners, for sale by owners, the mortgage industry... if it has to do with real estate decisions, you can now get paid.

BUT, instead of people making the decision to buy or sell and then contacting an agent, you can become their teammate from the beginning helping to guide them in making the decision.


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