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More Success

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Hi there kids and kidettes!

Just wanted you to know that this continues to work. Like anything else, you need to "work" at it to get it to "work."

One of the folks with whom I met a few weeks ago, is very close to signing up for consulting services. He's been going it alone, unsuccessfully and is feeling the strain of trying to be a FSBO.

Secondly, I sent letters to my SOI introducing my new ACRE achievement. I used a letter based on the file already uploaded to the site. Anyway, one of my former clients called me yesterday and wants me to consult with them (at my hourly rate) to determine if an investment property they're interested in buying from a FSBO is a worthwhile investment. Woo hoo! We're meeting this morning at 9:30 at the property. Tick-tock, the clock began last night when I started my background investigation into values, sales, neighborhood, etc.

Ya gotta love it!

Deb Orth

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UPDATE: I met with these clients at the prospective investment property this morning. After a thorough inspection and going over with them my analysis of sales of rehabbed and non-rehabbed houses in this urban neighborhood, my recommendation to them that this was NOT a good investment.

They were DELIGHTED with my analysis and and happily wrote me a check saying it was worth spending a few hundred dollars to save thousands of dollars. Wheeeeeee!!!!


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