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Rebating or Crediting the Consulting Fee


From Deb Orth:

Hi all,

I have a question for anyone who would like to respond. This is in regard to rebating or crediting all or part of the consulting fee. Do you offer to credit a portion, half, or all of the fee if the client converts from the consulting program to a conventional listing? I like the idea of offering a credit because, as Mollie states, it sets us apart from the discount brokers. I'm just curious to what portion you agree to credit and in what circumstances and time frame.

Deb Orth


Deb, I usually credit all of it if what I already got paid for was things I would have done anyway. For instance, if someone pays me to do a CMA and later wants to list their house, I'll credit the fee already paid to me at closing. It certainly cuts out the competition for the listing - I'm the only one that they'll get their money back with.

And think about this: all these FSBO companies will offer a place on their super duper web site and a yard sign - shoot, they can get that from me and if (when) nothing happens, they'll get their money back with me - they sure won't with the FSBO company!


I LOVE this thread!

I've told a lot of people that if they want me pay me upfront money to put them on my web site, MLS, a sign in their yard and a lockbox and never call them again I COULD do that, but it isn't in their best interest.

It's all about education, choices and options. They don't know what they don't know and they are playing with the biggest asset most of them own.

Does offering choices set you apart from the other agents they meet, or trying to figure out what is going to make them the most money?


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