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Consulting With Investor

One of my investors gave me a referral for another investor who is unfamiliar with Richmond. He is from out of state and intends to buy and sell a minimum of 10 fixer-uppers per year.

I had a great phone interview with him where he explained that being unfamiliar with the specific neighborhoods, he needed help determining the best offer price and estimated subsequent value of the property after he finished his rehab/renovation. After the work was done, he would want me to resell these for him.

One of the many aspects of consulting that I love is that it truly is whatever works for you and the client. Not being boxed in by the commission structure is so empowering!

I'm in the process of developing a specific plan for him that includes what services I'll provide, how I will be paid for the analysis of present day value, estimated resale value, and marketing the property when work is complete. Because he is from out of state, he may opt for a commission based listing but he and I are still working that process out.

This is an awesome opportunity to fine tune my consulting program with investors and will be an ongoing source of income and subsequent referrals from him as well.

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