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First presentation of the consulting model to colleagues

Talked about Consulting are our network meeting this afternoon. VERY interesting. One very outspoken member had her defenses way up before I began talking...I just said "maybe it would be best to hear what I've brought BEFORE coming to any conclusions". She was in a tither because of ongoing fees to be listed on the site, etc. Another equally outspoken member said (after the presentation) that she agreed with what I'd presented 1000%.

I kept trying to differentiate your program from the typical "discounted", limited service, etc., programs out there, and also tried to get the point across (which several in the group DID pick up on and comment on)...this is ALL ABOUT DIFFERENTIATION...and creating an opportunity to get in the door of many people who would otherwise pass us up. Rather like the guys who promote "we'll sell your house in 30 days or we'll buy it for cash!" Consumer thinks that's great....until they sit down and get the details....like the cash guarantee as 15% BELOW market value! At which time they opt for the "traditional listing agreement". But the GUY GOT IN THE DOOR!

Several want more information. I had gotten through about 100 pages of the book before the meeting and emailed everyone a link to the book details and a link to your video. Several said they'd surely get the book (I made sure they understood it was written for the consumer, not the agent....but was well worth OUR reading too). I also told them that in the 100 pages I DID read, there was not a single point you made that I did not agree with wholeheartedly! Great Job!!!


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