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Introducing Consulting with an established Client

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Hello ACRE family! I'm excited to be a new ACRE, and thought I'd share my first opportunity to practice this new role--it comes up this Friday! A former next door neighbor is a doctor & family. I sold them a high end home 3 years ago, sold their home next door to me, and then sold them a pretty pricey townhome for relatives to move into after being displaced by Katrina. They listed their high end home for sale with me in September 06 but then took it off the market in February when their financial advisors told them not to sell. They offered to compensate me ("for time and trouble") when pulling the listing off the market, knowing I had paid for advertising, etc. I didn't jump on that "compensation" [because I wasn't an ACRE yet?)--I figured I'd just tell them their referrals to me would be most appreciated.

This client has already bought ANOTHER high end home in Utah and plans to retire there this summer. I guess they are keeping the luxury home here as a vacation home (6600+ SF). My appointment with them this Friday is to discuss the townhome they had bought for Katrina victim relatives--that went back to New Orleans. They want to know about being landlords, for renting this townhome. Having been a landlord myself since the 70's, I have lots of personal experience and have learned a lot the hard way.

I have so little time to think through this, and don't have fees/services worked up yet, but am comfortable enough with this client/former neighbor to share my new ACRE role with her and ask her if I can practice "telling her how I work" these days. Any suggestions from anyone will be most welcome! thanks all.

Denyce from Las Vegas

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Denyce, have you calculated your hourly worth yet? If you have, you can always say something like this "Given the past business, I'm happy to help you a bit in terms of your options. However, as a new ACRE, I also can consult with you on an hourly basis, if you would feel more comfortable."

Everyone is different Denyce but I always offer people who are making a decision and have hired me to provide hourly consulting, the "money back option" if they sell: in other words, good hearted people want to make sure that I'm compensated for my time (and some feel that by paying me, I will not be swayed by compensation issues - and that's true - because it's human nature - we have to put bread on the table!). Anyway, what I always offer is that I will give them counsel on their options, but if they eventually decide to sell (either by commission or fee), I will refund the consulting monies at closing.

The added benefit is that they are wedded to listing with me down the road since I'm the only one that will give them THAT refund.

ACRE's please chime in and give your thoughts to Denyce. And welcome Denyce! It's great to see you jump right into the Exchange - it's a wonderful resource.


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