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Mollie's 4 week FSBO postcard series


Hi everyone,

In March, Mollie was kind enough to upload a series of postcards in the Document Library targeting FSBOs. I liked them so much I created cards for myself with only a few changes.

Today I had a call from a FSBO who is more than interested in getting some help. He is an out of town owner and knows that it will be a challenge to try to sell without some help. I've sent him the Seller Needs Analysis and have a follow up with him on Monday.

Please, folks, this is just one more reason that you SHOULD be taking advantage of all the Coaching Exchange has to offer! There is no other place like it and for the money we've spent getting our ACREâ„¢accreditation, it is invaluable.

Don't be afraid to post, ask questions, try, succeed, fail, try again, and keep trying, post what you're doing, what's on your mind, etc. This is a brand new way to do business and we all learn by sharing.



I'm a newbie here and not having much luck finding materials. Where do I find Deb and Mollie's postcard series please???

Thanks so much in advance!


They're new additions in the Document Library. Simply go to the Document Library and click on one of the Find a Document links (there are a couple on that page). Once you do that, the screen that pops up has lists of "types" of documents. Simply click the "search" button beneath the lists. The postcards are among the first documents to appear.



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