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Changing Brokers


Well, after hitting lots of "brick walls" with my current broker and a long conversation with Paula a while back, I decided to change companies!

I talked to the "new" broker briefly a week ago and followed up by sending him links to Mollie's consulting presentation and to my consulting page. I also sent him a summary of what each level of service is - taken from the training manual.

We met yesterday to discuss not only consulting, but also some promotions I have wanted to do but hit dead ends. He agrees with the consulting model! He likes the transparency and offering choices.Yahoo!

In the end, I point blank asked him if there was anything we had discussed that he would not or could not support. He assured me he will support whatever I want to do! Sooo... I'm going "back" at the end of the month!

(I say "back" because I started there when we moved to Kokomo. I left because he was letting personal issues run him and his business - that has been resolved and I have watched him reengage and the business is once again on the right track.)

Once I made the decision, it felt like a dark had been lifted! I am really excited! Now to just get these closing out of the way and get on to consulting!

Thank you everyone for all your great support!

Betty Byrnes


Kudos to you Betty!

It takes a lot of courage to change companies. But, if your broker or manager is not supporting your Consulting business, I believe with all my heart that to not take action is simply postponing the inevitable.

Three years ago, my consulting was a curiosity. Today, I'm seeing more and more that this is the way business is going to be done. As the saying goes, we need to tell those unenlightened managers to lead, follow or get out of our way.


You are not the first person to change companies due to lack of support of the consulting model. Actually, I prefer to call it lack of understanding. Most Broker owners and managers think it makes them less money, they are also missing the boat on how it can help with recruiting. In this competitive age, they will truly miss the opportunity to be a differentiating company and will continue to lose agents and as a result market share.

When more agents start doing consulting, they will have to come to terms with it and take the time to understand how it will help, not hinder the company. It was the same with ABR and many other business models in the past that are now commonplace.

If we create the demand - the supply will come.

Paula Bean
Orlando, FL

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