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Investor's Request for Service

Below is my response to an inquiry for our services. My guess is that my response is not exactly what he has in mind. We have given our services away for so long, it is totally expected. This is the height of chutzpah OR what the public has been conditioned to expect! OTOH, since most Realtors are not consultants and will blow off this type of an inquiry, I might be very surprised at what he is willing to do! I'll let you know if I hear anything further.

Team Cox,

I am with Schnitzer West and am currently conducting research on the Denver market to assess investment possibilities. I was hoping that you would be able to help me locate information pertaining to the housing market. I am specifically looking for historical data regarding the following:

Overall housing stock (single family and multi family)

Foreclosure rates

Average time on the market

Mean and Median home prices

Apartment vacancy rates

Average rental rates

I would love to have 30 years of data on all of these items, but I understand that may not be possible in some cases. I would also love to see a breakout between national, state and county data if possible. If you could assist me with any or all of these items it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Stephen Clendaniel

Dear Steve,
We are real estate consultants and will be happy to do this research for you. Our rate for this type of research is $200. per hour. If you would like to engage us for this type of service, please schedule a time that we can discuss your project further.
Bonnie Cox
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