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Are all checks run through the broker?

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Is the retainer fee check issued to the Broker/Company and run through the Broker
like a referral check?

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ALL checks, regardless of whether retainer, monthly, hourly or fee package based are for the most part ALWAYS going to have to go through your broker. Check your state laws, but for the most part, if it involves giving real estate advice, (which we do) then it is considered a real estate activity, for which you need a license and need to run through your Brokerage company.

Actually, for me, I just make it easy. I run EVERYTHING through my broker, whether I need to or not. They don't make a big profit either, and if they aren't successful, neither will you be. Brokers will not want you doing consulting if they don't get a slice of the pie, they have to pay the mtg, phone, lights, internet, mls dues etc.. and if they are supporting you, YOU should be supporting them.

That makes it easy, simple and everyone wins. My .02

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