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NOT Being A Secret ACRE

In addition to putting your ACRE info in your email signature, adding the logo, adding a link to The ConsultingTimes.com blog, telling your sphere of influence that you have incorporated Consulting into your practice, and all the other great suggestions that have been made for promoting your business, don't overlook the power of sharing this with the agents in your office.

You are doing them a favor by showing them how being an ACRE can benefit their business. I'm not shy about telling people in my office what I'm doing. I don't make big announcements or yell it from the rooftop but I do share it with any agent with whom I'm having a related conversation.

An example of how this has recently benefited me is that our assistant team leader referred an agent to me because the agent wanted to find a solution for one of his clients that involved getting the house sold and netting the most amount of money possible since the money situation was very tight. This agent had sold the client a new construction home and getting his existing home on the market and sold ASAP with as little expense as possible was key to the new deal making it to closing. The agent's client was talking about going with an MLS Only company. So my Assistant TL told the agent he should talk to me because I do consulting.

I've spoken with the client and sent him the Seller Needs Analysis. I don't have a warm fuzzy about him because I think he believes he really can get what he needs from the MLS Only company for just a few hundred bucks. Whether or not I get the appointment to sit down with him or whether he decides to go another route, it is still a big WIN because it was referral from within my own office. Think about it...a lot of agents are not going to want to work this kind of business model but they'll be willing to refer business to you. Kenny and I had not worked out how and what I'd pay him for the referral but that was really not his issue. He just wants the best thing for his client. And, get this....he will probably sign up for the ACRE course!

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