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Lead Generation

I have been having a lot of success by posting to Trulia Q&A... For those of you who are not familiar with this, the consulting works MAGIC!

Here is the latest reply to someone I made a comment to:

Hi Paula,

I had your response on Trulia on my question in regards to investment in Clearwater, I do appreciate your questions and I am sure that you will not tell me what I do like to hear
Since I see that you are charging for your service I would like to know how much you are charging before I can speak with you.
I do appreciate your response.

You can respond to my E-mail or call me.
Best Regards

Now how cool is that??

If you are not participating in Trulia - you should. Respond to questions that are relevent that are your area, talk about consulting, poof, you get lots of direct emails...It WORKS!
I have a 1.4 million dollar listing in the works from this, so it is worth your while.

I love it when I get emails that ask me 'how much I charge' before they can talk to me ;-) I called him up and told him how I work, what I charged, but that he needed to fill out my buyer needs analysis before we could move forward. I sent that to him and he promised to get it right back so we could move forward tomorrow.

It is all about the professional application!

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