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My First Call

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It wasn't much and I didn't get a fee yet but someone went on the Internet, found my web site, looked at the ACRE link and called me! Unfortunately it involved a short sale and after just taking a CE course on them I referred him to a real estate attorney I know. Just thought you'd like to know.


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Tom, thanks so much for sharing. There WILL be more calls. And when you get them, we'll all be here to be of help. If you need it.

For everyone: I just took a look at Tom's site and want to give him kudos. Tom is one of our newer ACRE's but he jumped right in. If you go to his site http://www.tompropesrealtor.com, you'll see the ACRE logo prominently displayed which he has linked to the http://www.MyREConsultants.com site.

Nothing fancy, but prominent. He didn't get into analysis paralysis, he just did it. Like Nike.


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