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No Task Too Small

Never underestimate what you have to offer as a Consultant. I find that often the smallest tasks can result in bigger opportunities, and if they don't, they are always profitable as stand alone transactions. As an example, last week I made $150 for an hour of my time, just advising an investor whom I had never met, whether or not he should buy a particular property for renovation and resale. I advised him against it and converted him to a client.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting with a woman who inherited her mother's home. She wants an assessment of its market value. The next door neighbor, who happens to be an attorney, has made what she feels is a low offer to buy this house from her. By the way, it's not on the market. I'll be meeting her there to view the property and then I'll return to my office to prepare a competitive market analysis. She is paying me an hourly fee of $175 and, if she decides to negotiate with the neighbor, she will have me handle the negotiations and contract as well as take it from contract to close so as to protect her interests. If the deal does not go through, then we will sit down with the Smart Plan to determine what services she'll engage me in the sale of the home. WIN-WIN all the way!

Deb Orth
Richmond, VA

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