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The Joys of a Satisfied Client

Focusing on the highest professionalism in everything we do and using the SmartPlan to make our fee transparent is priceless. By the way, this client chose the Shared Risk approach and paid me $2,200 in the first 30 days of the engagement with the balance at closing.

Here's a note I received from a recent listing client that settled on their sale October 1st:

Dear Merv, Many thanks for a job well done! From taking and editing excellent photos, creating an appealing virtual tour, maximizing the places our listing could be seen, through the negotiations, you made a significant difference in selling our house.

We were expecting to lose money, but are glad that didn't happen. It is a paradox to think that an average Realtor would have not even sold it yet, but would collect several thousand more when the house finally did sell. Your visionary sales/consulting model is a "win-win" for all of us.

Finally, the quick sale will most importantly allow us to be a family again - with Dad home at night and Mom keeping her sanity! For that we are most grateful.

Please accept a bottle of my favorite wine ever - I brought 4 boxes back from Germany and want you to have one as a token of our appreciation for your hard and smart work.

With gratitude,
The Davison family - Erin, Mark, John and Eleanor

To the Davison family: it was my pleasure serving you...

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