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ACRE and Expired Listings

Hi all,

I would love to hear any suggestions that you may have for prospecting to expired listings using the consulting model. Kim Loredo and I are currently doing the "expired game" and really want to connect the dots. Any thoughts on scripts or mailers? We are thinking of "re-vamping" the FSBO postcards which are great to fit expireds. The challenge here is that expired listings tend to re-list much more quickly so I am looking for a marketing piece that I can either mail or leave at the door.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I can't think of a better time to focus on the consulting model then with those Sellers who have become so frustrated and angry with the traditional model.



You're absolutely right Laurie. Let me give this some thought.

I would think that the best people for ideas on this would be Fran Thorsen and Joeann Fossland since they not only run the Expired (and FSBO) games but are also ACRE's and understand the consulting model.

Let's all jump in with some ideas - Laurie is on to something - this is a great time to hit disgruntled consumers with something that is TRULY different!


Has anyone given or plan to give a talk on consulting to the JC's or any other organizations? My understanding is they are always looking for people to give short speeches on just about any topic. Seems to me it would be a great way to get across the ACE message.


Speaking is a wonderful idea, can be a good lead generator and credibility builder...social organizations, like lions clubs,rotary, chambers are always looking for speakers. --get business cards--put em in a fish bowl and raffle off copies of mollie's book.

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