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ACRE promotion on my website


HI all,

I have a website for investors. I am making my ACRE designation work for me n this arena.....it's really a no brainer.

I want to begin promoting it and on the home page I have come up with this introductory paragraph that will go with the logo to link to the generic ACRE page (see below).

I would love critique and will greatly appreciate your time.


The Ultimate Power tool for your Real Estate Investment Tool Box......Choice. (headline)
Consulting is giving you choices for services you want and need and how you can pay for them!

As an Accredited Consultant in Real Estate (ACRE), I can help you determine exactly what services you need.

If you need only a few critical services or a few hours of advise and expertise, you don't want to feel trapped into paying more for your property to cover a full commission.

The consulting model is ideal for the investor who is seeking the maximum return on their investment.

Click here (logo) to find out more. If you want to contact us directly please email or call 978-841-7683 to speak to Carole Helwig, ACRE™


I know budgets are tight for many of us, but having something of your own to direct interested investors to is, I think, really important. If you have your own website and can create a page for your clients, customers and prospects, (then you can give it its own url as a pointer...just like I did on my P2 site....see http://www.ConsumerOptionsRealEstate.com ) that will help to imprint them with the concept and YOU. And it doesn't cost anything to do it that way, except a bit of time. I've always found that using other existing ideas gave me a huge "leg up" when trying to come up with my own. Feel free to use my page as a "spring board" if it helps you.

Good luck...


Thanks for the great suggestion. I will definately look at what you have done and see how I can incorporated that. In the meantime, my web designer acted VERY quickly, so here is the way it is right now on my investor site.....check it out.



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