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Fee Schedule on Website?


Hi gang, I'm wondering how many of you have your fee schedule on your website?

The "Expired Game" starts today and I am trying to develop a "mini-plan" which will include drive-bys. I want to leave something of value and also drive them to my website. I have the personalized ACRE pages and am thinking about posting the fee schedule.

What do you think? Am I better off posting them, doing an advertising piece with the fee schedule in it or developing something to pique their curiosity? In metro Atlanta we have a HUGE market of FSBOs and Expireds and I wanna get 'em! TIA. Laurie.


Hi Laurie:

It's certainly your choice but I would highly recommend NOT to post a fee schedule. Everyone's needs are different and once you post fees, you are bound to them. Better to explain the different options you offer and how each might be used.

Example: someone who has found their own buyer might want to hire you by the hour to negotiate and troubleshoot their transaction. Or, you might offer a flat fee for someone who is looking to make a decision about moving or improving.

Though it is an extra cost, I'd recommend everybody consider Merv's Smart Plan for the new year. It's truly a gift to yourself because it makes the whole "figuring out your fees" painless and very personal to each potential client.

You can save money by "buddying up" with another ACRE - for more info, look under the subject of "Promoting your ACRE Business" and you'll see "SmartPlan".


I would also highly recommend Merv's Smart Plan. It addresses the fee question directly. Merv has done a great job creating it and the 1 on 1 time going over the plan is invaluable. Sometimes it makes sense to adjust up or down. Not advocating backing down on your set fees, but you benefit by having the flexibility.


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