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Firing a Seller


Much like Paula, I tend to run myself into the ground running a business and trying to please everybody. As a result, I lose sleep, work 75 hours a week (minimum), and my family and health suffers. I realized I either need to clone myself, or reduce my work load in order to have a more balanced life and enjoy time with my family. I have clients that I love, and a couple of clients that make my stomach hurt when I talk to them. You ever have one of those? After a very stressful transaction with a seller where I was ultimately required to go to federal bankruptcy court in order to get her to comply with a contract and vacate her house, I decided there are some commissions that cost more than the pay check I receive. Personal satisfaction needs to be factored into the equation and I am eliminating any uncooperative clients that I have on the books.

Since I made that decision, I have refused to take a listing and terminated a listing with a seller who falls somewhere between motivated and desperate. This particular seller has refused to adjust his price to meet the current market, refused to show the home on 3 occasions in the past month, and has taken in 14 cats and a vicious rottweiller since I first listed his property. These are the actions of a man that continually tells me he HAS to sell him home in a neighborhood where 30% of the houses are for sale and his is now the highest priced. After being disrespectful to me during our last conversation, I sent him a Termination of Listing and removed his home from all internet and print marketing. I know sellers faced with possibly losing their homes look for someone to blame, and I have excused poor behavior in the past knowing the stress they are under. NOT ANY MORE.

Let me tell you, I have enjoyed a good night's sleep and that is PRICELESS. Today I had breakfast with my husband and we are about to leave to go to my son's basketball tournament. I have watched opening and closing night of a play two of my daughter's were in and seen my 12 year old daughter play in her basketball game. I consider that A SUCCESS STORY.

I hope you and yours enjoy each other this holiday season and your 2008 is prosperous and full of appreciative clients that pay you for your time and efforts on their behalf.

Happy Consulting,



Good for you Holly! I was smiling broadly as I read about your good night's sleep.

NOTHING is worth one's health! I just cringe when I see so many in our industry disrespect themselves, doing whatever they're ordered to do by jerks because of financial need. It's easier to work with five nice people with $100k homes to sell then a jerk with a $500k one.

Maybe it's the wrong time of year but I think you should declare this your Independence Day - go ahead and shoot off the fireworks. Don't worry, the neighbors will just think that it's New Year's and they've been drinking too much.


AWESOME STORY HOLLY, and one which we can all learn from!

Congratulations to you on realizing that you can't please everyone all of the time trying to please at all. Balance is the key, and for all of us, it takes some time to get it.

It is the perfect time, as 2007 comes to an end, for all of us to make this same comittment and start 2008 with a new outlook on life, a clean slate.

I thought of a story I once was told, that when you are older, and sitting on the rocker of your front porch, most people will not think fondly of all the hours they put in at work, nor all of the money they made with people who drove them nuts, but will miss the personal family time they gave up because work was more important. Don't let this be you.

Actually, I've downloaded Beyonce's, You're Replaceable and been blasting it at the office along with Michael McDonald's Sweet Freedom and Diana Ross, I'm Coming Out!

Good for you, Holly.

Good advice from all.

You choose whom you want to work with--it's not them choosing you; they have to qualify, pass your smell test. last year I had a high maintenance client who listed their home with me--a neighbor--and it was nightmare. I not only cut em a deal (my commission), but I tolerated a lot. A LOT! Calls at ten at night, for example. Final straw was them telling me how to run my business. I suggested they "withdraw" their listing --a nice way for me to say, "take a hike." You live and learn.

That experience taught me a great deal

Good book says, Love your "neighbor" as YOURSELF. I think it's self deprecating to let people walk on you...And, I think it's important to be a leader--you're the leader of the client. YOU tell them what's best and then they can decide what action they will take. If they want to go against your best advice. Walk. These are the clients you don't want.

You cannot put them in the position of leader--telling you what they think is best--we're the one's with the education, experience, license and objectivity.

Be Blessed

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