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Buyer Update

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Story for fellow ACREs to appreciate.

Around a year ago, I started an on-line dialog with a buyer from another state who was looking to relocate in my area. We had numerous phone conversations and discovered he even lived in my old neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. One day I get a phone call from him saying he was in the area and wanted to view some properties. I thought," Somewhere between Oregon and Texas it didn't occur to you to phone ahead and make an appointment." Allowed, I only informed him that I was on my way to a funeral and wouldn't be available to show him anything, but I could refer him to another agent. He asked if I could show him properties later that day. I said I honestly didn't anticipate being in any shape to work afterward as the deceased was a very close friend of the family. Would he be ok with looking tomorrow? The buyer told me that would be fine.

Later that afternoon, I was reading my email and found one from him saying that he was driving around and found some properties he wanted to look at, so he started working with another Realtor, adding "I'm sure you understand." So last week I get another email from him saying it didn't work out with the other agent, but they were going to buy something in the next couple of months and he wanted to work with me. I told him, I was an Accredited Consultant in Real Estate and I would help him for x bucks an hour credited back at close.

After he's already shown his true colors, I wasn't thrilled at the prospect of working with him, but I have to admit, getting paid whether he buys or not sure makes me feel better. Thanks ACRE!

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I feel your pain Hollie ;-) I've got someone doing the same thing to me right now. We have masive foreclosures going on just now.

Lots of inquires, but nobody wants to put up any money -)

When Mollie and I were in San Franciso at the Inman Connect conference, I got a vm msg from this guy in San Francisco, who owned a property in Orlando. His message said "i ADMIT DEFEAT".

I GAVE him 30 minutes of my time, told him to get an appraisal, and now STILL a year later he is contacting me.

Yesterday I got another call. It seems as though the $40K that he would lose a year ago has now turned into $70K and what shall he do?

What he shall do is send me a check for $1000. List his house for the price I told him, then decide how he wants to proceed from there.

The kicker is this, he has a cousin who lives here, owns two houses, and is in the same foreclosure situation... if they had listented to me a year ago, they'd be ove it by now, so I now have a check on the way because I'm no longer willing to talk to him and give him any 'free advice'.

He knows he screwed up, rented his new house, tried to refi, rent out, and didn't work, so now he is coming back and begging me for help and willing to pay for it.

Works for me!

Hold on to your ethics, it will all come back to help you in the long run. I really like dealling with people who finally will listen to me.

Hang in there!

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