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I received a lengthy email last night from a curious customer wanting me to give him values for refi-ing two homes. I explained that i can give him a simple flavor of the market, but to give a full out market evaluation would require me to come to the house and view condition, location and market conditions.

He then emailed back and said Saturday would be great to do that...so my next email will be back to him explaining that since my fees for this type of service would most likely cost him more than to just have an appraiser do a formal appraisal, I will send him some market information and then he can assess which direction he wants to go.

I love that i have this tool in my toolbox, being able to tell people that I don't work for peanuts.

I did have my conversation with my CB manager about this, and she's completely open to the idea of telling people I charge for a consultation...collecting the funds in an escrow and then distributing it when it reaches a level conducive to a brokerage split; she said she liked taht because it will also assist my GCI for measurement purposes.

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Good for you Linda! I'm so proud of you.

I love how Merv words it along the lines of: "I'd be happy to provide a market analysis of your property. My hourly rate is ___________. I expect it will take ___ hours to complete. Now when is good for you?"

It's also fantastic that your manager is on board. A year or so ago, the "traditionals" were almost universally against the consulting model. Now, it seems that even they are coming around.


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