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Great Blog post by ACRE Jim Kimmons about What Buyers Want

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I don't know how many of you are already subscribers to Jim Kimmons' blog...but if you're not already reading it, you should be. Not only does he provide exceptional content, as one of our ACRE grads, he also incorporates the "consulting mindset" into the perspective from which he writes his articles!

One of Jim's latest articles "You Just Think That It's Price" takes some information form the latest NAR profiles of Home Buyers and Home Sellers. If you EVER had any doubt as to WHY you were drawn to the Consulting model as an alternative, seeing what the CONSUMER wants should certainly eradicate that doubt!!!

In Jim's article, he points out:

The 2007 NAR survey showed that first time buyers placed a very high value on help in understanding the process. It was their number one item. For repeat buyers, it was neck and neck with pointing out unnoticed features or faults in properties. That was the number two item for first time buyers. Other services rated highly by all buyers were:

* Improved their knowledge of the area.
* Negotiated better contract terms.
* Provided a better list of service providers.
* Shortened the home search.
* Negotiated a better price.

These are listed in order of their value to the buyers.

Does all this ring a bell? Notice that "negotiated a better price" was NOT the top item on the list. Every once in a while I notice posts on RealTalk that get all caught up in the notion that getting a house for the cheapest price is a buyer's number one concern. I've always maintained that certainly that would be nice. But quite often the overriding concern the buyer has is focused on GETTING THE HOUSE. If beating a seller up on price means they lose the house, what did the buyer gain! And those other items on that buyer's list that Jim talks about are WHAT WE DO!!! Those are the things we "bring to the table". As Jim so eloquently posted, it's not always about price!


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I second Judi's enthusiasm about Jim's article. There is a reason that consulting is growing - look at the list - it's all about consulting and acting as a fiduciary. Remember, this is something the computer can NEVER do or provide.


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