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Listing Presentation


Hi all,

I am redoing my listing presentation and wondered if anyone had any ACRE® power point slides they might like to share?  I strongly believe that having the visual included in the presentation is a necessary step.


Laurie Furem


Hi Laurie,
Kathleen Goneau and I developed a consulting PPT presentation and I am happy to share.
Call me if you want to discuss it in more detail
Carole Helwig

OK, Carole and Laurie. But, if you two collaborate and come up with a stupendous presentation, make sure that you post it in the library.

BTW, for those of you who haven't figured out how to add stuff to the library, and are maybe thinking it's confusing and hard to do...you're wrong! It's actually 10 times easier than the old Exchange. Just post a new entry and then click the file icon(it's next to the picture icon above the text field). Make sure that you give it a good descriptive name. The new library allows you to search documents, images, or audio by title, author, or date.


Laurie, et al;
I am going to share my listing proposal with all of you. Here's a couple of things to keep in mind:

1) My background is high level corporate consulting and outsourcing. My approach to my real estate business draws from this experience. It was more important to me that my potential clients actually recognize my "consulting" approach through the presentations I make. It is subtle. My listing proposals are as sophisticated as a proposal I would make to a $1 Billion corporate client (albeit on a much smaller scale).

2) I never used "consulting" as an approach. Instead, what I present is more professional than any of my peers. My presentations are never about me; it was always about my approach to marketing and what I will do for them.

3) The fee approach was saved for the closing...my presentation always ended with "this is how I work" presenting the SmartPlan (prepared in advance with my recommendations as to the service required) live on my laptop! This is the close and icing on the cake.

4) I always recommended they interview other agents!

5) 99% of my presentations resulted in a listing agreement. The 1% that didn't were because the client thought that a more "local" agent would better represent them. BUT, they ALWAYS thanked me for my professionalism, the thoughtfulness of my presentation and were always amazed that I actually had a different business model that they could choose form.

So, it is not about presenting ACRE! It is about using our concepts, YOUR experience, YOUR abilities and offering choices that is the most important.

I create my presentations using MS Publisher, print them on high quality bond paper, personalize it to the potential client, always include MORE DATA and ANALYSIS than any other agent, bind it in a notebook that I GIVE to the client whether they hire me or not. That's what a "consultant" does. And that's what I have tried to explain in several posts to all our members. IT IS NOT ABOUT HOW YOU CHARGE CLIENTS FOR YOUR SERVICES! How you charge for your services becomes a mute point. It's about elevating yourself above the crowd (RE/MAX doesn't even get this, pun intended).

I am uploading two presentations to the library. These are real. Nothing is redacted. Treat these as confidential since real clients are identified.

You can use whatever you want. Just personalize it and make it YOU.

My oh my, you never know what you will find when you look at the document library: a power point listing presentation by Carole Hedwig and a listing proposal by Merv :)

Carole, kudos on the power point presentation. Is that the one you were referring to?

Merv, I'd hire you in a NY nanosecond. That is one good looking listing proposal.

Thanks to all as always for getting activity started again. The sharing of thoughts is amazing and very motivating as well. For those ACRES® who have NOT read the revised course book, it definitely is well worth it. I started it today and it has changed my perspective yet again.

I am heading down to Florida on Saturday and sailing off on the good ship Lollipop for a Western Caribbean cruise on Monday. Rest assured, I am definitely going to focus my efforts on consulting when I return.

Merv, I need a SmartPlan refresher :(


TERRIFIC posts, and as usual Merv is the Merlin Magic man. I have a question regarding your presentation... if you work mostly with out of state or out of the country sellers, how would you do this? Overnight? I thought I recalled where you put a pw protected page on your site so you could do it on phone with them at their pc....

Laurie, I can NOT believe you are coming to FL and going on a cruise without me ;( lol! If you have time before or after, lets get together!

Hi Paula,
Obviusly the presentation can be emailed as a PDF file (you would need some sort of PDF maker, I use Acrobat Professional) or simply mailed (could be overnight).

I have also created a password protected page on my website where I have uploaded the Excel File (maybe stripped down) then I get on the phone with a client and walk through it with them from the website.

My next personal project is to get off Excel and make SmartPlan completely Web based with secure client access features. Lots of ideas, too little time.


Ooooooooooppsssssssss. So sorry cutie pie, we are meeting Ken's parents at the Radisson at the Port Sat nite for dinner and Father's Day breakfast and leaving as soon as the boat docks on the 22nd.

I don't know how far you are from Boynton Beach cuz I am flying down on 6/26 for my mother-in-law's 80th b-day and returning on Monday the 30th. I'm not renting a car so I am dependent on the kindness of strangers.



Would LOVE to meet up with you Laurie, but with a broken arm, not able to drive (sigh). Good thing I work mostly with out of State or Country clients ;-)

I am running way behind on ACRE since the broken arm event (typing w/one hand stinks!) but am learning a speech recognition program, although it seems to have a prob with my southern drawl.

I might be able to get someone (my son or nephew?) to drive me there to meet up... Boynton Bch is not far from me.

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