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ACRE on You Tube


Well, if you've opened the ACRE Alert that went out this morning, you've seen one piece of what we've been working on for you this month...ACRE now has a channel on You Tube!

The plusses of having videos on You Tube are the stable platform (no time out issues that some of you have experienced) and of course, the exposure. The negative is that the quality is not near the level of the Flash presentations. This is especially true of the ACRE Training Videos - you will find the screen shots much fuzzier than the Flash presentations. I will be putting both versions on the Exchange so you can choose which works for you.

All in all, we're excited about having ACRE represented on You Tube and we will be adding content as fast as we can so make sure you subscribe to the channel so you'll be alerted as new videos are uploaded. You especially want to be aware as we add to the playlist for consumers - a great link to send consulting prospects to.



Mollie -- I got my ACRE Alert...and W O W !!
The first thing I tried to do was forward it to a Realtor friend in Utah that was my partner when we both started as new agents in '97. A routine "forward" didn't work, but then I noticed the "send email" at the bottom of the Alert page....did that, but even though it said I could send a personalized copy, there was no place for me to add my comments before it sent, so it sent without any comments from me.
Next I watched the YouTube Intro to Consulting--and again, I say W O W-W O W ...Now I'm planning on sending the ACRE Alert to my broker (who has kinda ignored my mentions about consulting), AND to various officers of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors!!!
Ready for a trip to HOT HOT VEGAS??
Great job...and I can't wait to view the companion videos on YouTube!
thank you Mollie, Merv & Judi et al!!
Denyce Thomas in Vegas!

Thanks Denyce! I will look into why you can't forward the ACRE Alert.

And thanks for spreading the word about ACRE!


Hi Mollie.  Am I ok to embed these videos into my website?  I know you also provide the website as an option feature, and don't want to step on any toes.

Jeff and all: Embed away - we want to spread the word!

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