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Those Misleading Ads Consumer Videos on YouTube


Well, slowly but surely ACRE on You Tube is being stocked with videos. And I can't believe how many views they're getting!

The latest additions are "Those Misleading Ads" which are in the Consumer Playlist (because they're for the consumer). They are all less than a minute and a half and my attempt to refute the ridiculous ads out there that are so misleading the consumer. There are 5 ads:

  1. What a Great Do-It-Yourself Site!
  2. The $1,995 Bargan. Or is it?
  3. Where is the Value in FREE?
  4. What does a $500 Listing Buy?
  5. The Internet Can Do It ALL!

The cool thing about You Tube is that you can add any of these videos to your web site or blog. It's easy: when viewing any video, you'll see below the video the link "Share" and then the code to embed that video. Just copy and paste it. That's it! Or, simply link to that video's URL.

Make sure that you take advantage of the ability to embed or link to these videos - especially The Intro to Consulting for Consumers. This video is only 2:46 long and is a great way to introduce the concept of consulting to the consumer.

Lastly, I'd really appreciate your feedback on any of the videos. And if you have any ideas on videos that you'd like to create - even if it's in the concept stage - post the idea here and we'll all put our creative minds together to get it done. Then we can all benefit.

Merv was ahead of all of us on this one - he was the one who told me to establish a channel on You Tube. (Of course he didn't tell me how to do it but I figured it out!). Today, text is out - video is in!



Hello Mollie,

I believe this is great promotional material to advance the cause of public awareness. As you suggest, a link to these videos speaks volumes in our presentations.

Keep up the great work,

Rick LiCastri

Thanks Rick. It's great to get the feedback.


and don't forget to put these video's on your websites and blogs! I'm running way behind on this myself due to personal circumstances, but the more you link to blogs, videos and the more these people link back to you, the more exposure, from what I understand.

Merv, Mollie, JudiB... is this right?

rofl, I took the time to watch all these videos, and wow MOLLIE - what a great job! I can only say that everyone needs to watch them and make some comments as there are none under any of the videos. Send a link to your friends so they too can comment.
I'm not sure what the 'honors' thing is all about so tell us Mollie.

Great job! Now everyone go watch and post a comment so we can get more exposure for ACRE...we'll wait to hear from Mollie about what the Honor thing is, but this is excellent!

I agree. Outstanding job! The message is SOOO powerful.
Thank you for doing this. I loved them all!!
So, how do you put this on your website and blogs, as Paula suggested? Paula?

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