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Professional Services and Their Cost


Interesting event today...

I had a leaking shower - the plumbing under the drain was having problems. I called a plumber who came out immediately and was here for about an hour. Total bill was $110 - no parts, just the trip charge and labor. Worth every cent to have a working shower in the master bath!

Not much interesting in that; but, he left his business magnet and warranty. On the reverse side of the warranty is information about his services and costs and starts like this...

When that professional service technician knocks on your door, many costs have been incurred just to get him there, ready to do the job.

There are several images to characterize all that goes into that knock at the door and the service provided! Plus there is narrative at the bottom that further explains the value of the technician's expertise, all the associated costs of doing business and the need to make a little profit.

This is so cool! Check it out here or in the library.

Professional Services - Plumber.pdf


Very cool Betty. Thanks for sharing that.


Wow, Betty! I think every real estate professional should read that. It should be a constant reminder whenever we are tempted to offer our services for free or even for a pittance what goes into the services we offer.

Folks take a moment and read it over, print it out and share with your colleagues. It's an important lesson.



Thank you so much for sharing that! WOW, is right!!! I've downloaded a copy and suggest that everyone else do as well. It was interesting to see that obviously people in other industries are apparently facing many of the very same obstacles with the consumer as we are...and to see what steps they are taking to combat it. Should be a great lesson to us all.

It also was a great reminder to us that chances are pretty good that when we address consumers with "transparent" pricing options, chances are pretty good that many, maybe even most, will be able to identify very readily with what we're showing them...because they face much the same realities in their own worlds.

Thanks again!

Betty, I love that you shared what your plumber is doing. We agents could do a chart like this with so many of the same costs. Then add our web site, mls, ads, CE, seminars, designations and so much more.... What a great idea.

That was SUPER Betty...thanks....I've printed it out already! I vaguely recall seeing something like that in the past--way before ACRE. I'm working on income tax numbers now (for a delinquent return)...so I'll just jot down the types of professional expenses I pay as a Realtor to share in my ACRE pitch.
Thanks again!
Denyce Thomas-Las Vegas

I forgot to say that Plumber's Professional Services chart & description looks like something Mr. Merv would have created! Speaking of Mr. Merv....Merv: I tried to edit my original comment, above, and got a "permission denied" message on Movable Type

It does not appear MT provides a permission level to edit your own comments similar to editing your own entries. Editing comments is only provided to those who have "manage feedback" permission that allows editing all comments.

I'll do some more research.

What a great little piece of marketing! Thanks for scanning it and sharing with us!

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