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Multiple Agents for one buyer; One agent gets paid


Here's that little piece I made up showing a buyer expecting multiple agents to find his single home purchase, and only one of them gets paid.


That is FABULOUS, Denise. Very poignant and graphic. You could even take that a bit further. As we know, not EVERY buyer we work hard for results in a paycheck...even if we ARE the only agent helping them. What if they lose their job, decide not to move, interest rates go up and they can no longer afford what they want, buy from a builder or FSBO who refuses to pay us (unless there is a buyer agency agreement in place that DOES protect the agent in case the seller will not pay), simply don't find what they want...or, in the case of today's volatile market, simply are frightened away...there are all sorts of things that can come up that translate into no payment to an agent. Heck, that could even be a DIFFERENT card with another poignant message!

Great job, Denise!!! Thanks for sharing it! (Cute card by the way! Loved the impact of the "buyer" facing the 3 "competitors" together. Helps to bring home how ludicrous the situation really is!

Great point Denyce, very creative.

doesn't that kinda look like THE DONALD? :)

LOL! I hadn't even noticed that, but you're right. Either The Donald...or a "normal" guy with a bad hair day!

It DOES look like the Donald (from the behind view)... you should add a little note onto the end of the card saying "the other two - YOU'RE FIRED"

This type of educational info should be on all of our web sites. Consumers really don't understand (some don't care) how our business works unless we educate them. This is exactly the type of info I'm looking for to put on my new site, is it ok to borrow it Denyce? I'm really striving to make it a total consulting site, with a little verbiage about traditional commissions, and a lot of information on community, real estate stats, education, etc.

I'd like to ask the group a question.
Do you see web sites being outdated now that blogging and social networking are so popular? From all the information I've read on blogging, you attract the client that wants to work with you, which is the point of my new site. I'm just wondering before I put too much more work into this site, if it is still a necessary evil to have both a web site and a blog, or is a really good blog better to focus all of your time on?

Everyone's thoughts are much appreciated.

Interesting statistic from NAR:

Percent of business generated by REALTORĀ® personal web site (all REALTORSĀ®): Zero - 28%; over 25%- 12%

Actions taken as result of using Internet site:

Drove by/viewed a home - 73%

Walked through a home viewed online- 57%

Found agent used to search/buy home - 23%

Personally, I think traditional agent sites are very much outdated. They all look the same. We have to stand out and raise the bar in all areas, including our online presence.

"It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory." W. Edward Deming


Blogging is great for SEO but within blogs, it can be hard to find some information because of the sheet number of posts. I believe that both are valuable - preferably integrated.

I'm in the process of doing that myself. It's not "done" yet but the site is www.ValleyOfHeartsDelight.com and the connected blog is www.SanJoseRealEstateLosGatosHomes.com.

From each one, the menu has a button that connects to the other. They have a similar look and feel.

Hope you are all having a good holiday season. I have been spending a lot of time on the above-referenced blog as I migrated it off a proprietary site and onto WordPress. Still doing the final tweaks.

Here's to 2009!


Yes, great job Denyce! And like Paula, I'd like to borrow your idea and picture.

To Paula - I agree with Mary about having both an integrated blog and website. I am working towards that and would be interested in how Mary is doing that.

(and Mollie is going to get on our case about mixing content/topics in postings)


This comment is for Paula and this is the first time I am using the new exchange. So if I am blowing it, sorry!!

Paula, I don't blog for a number of reasons that I won't go into in this comment. However, a good majority of my colleagues do and have actually elimininated their web pages because their blog is so much more effective and cost efficient.

So it would seem focusing on the blog rather than the web page has merit--at least for us Virginia agents!!!!


Miss Susan, you are NOT blowing it and we're thrilled to have you back with us.

If anyone has any discomfort in using the Exchange, please please check out "Navigating the Coaching Exchange" and "Creating and Accessing Content" which can be found under Guides > Exchange tutorials in video. Same with "Creating your Profile" if you have not yet done so.

Each video is less than 10 minutes and I guarantee that once you watch them you'll be saying a-la the Staples commercial: "Gee that was easy!"

Please post and comment more Susan - we've missed you!


Denyce, your excellent post and the ensuing responses have created an irresistable context in which to announce my new website:


I've always been put off by the "sameness" of agent sites but felt it was better to be there than not. Although there's considerable tweaking yet to be done, I took the plunge last week removing all the "typical stuff" and put the focus almost entirely on consulting. Peer review and critique by ACRE colleagues will be welcome. Brent, you and I seem to be headed in somewhat the same direction.

Nice site Ron. I like the "Testimonials" page where you can hover over a recently sold property and see how much your client actually saved. At some point it might be compelling to have a running total somewhere on the page "$XXXXXXXXX saved to date (or this month, or on average, or whatever)


OUTSTANDING, Ron! Nice job. I took the liberty of reformatting the web address here so it's a link to your page. Didn't want to take any chance the someone might miss it.

As a matter of fact, my suggestion would be that you create a brand new post showcasing your site. Particularly since this string is basically discussing one great marketing piece and perspective...and your site is another. I think they should both be prominent!


Super, Ron!

You have provided a great example of how to do it!

And with Point2 you can add an integrated blog if you so desire.

Great job, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your suggestion. I will consider that, however I'm a little paranoid about doing anything that could be seen as bearing any resemblance to our friends at Assist-2-Sell.


OK, Betty made the comment that I'm some kind of Organization Cop. To Betty and everyone else - please know that I have formally resigned that commission.

But lest you think I'm nuts: take a look at this "thread" starting off with a marketing piece of Denyce's, then jumping to blogging, then to Ron's web site! Now, let me ask you, if you were wanting to get to information about Ron's site or blogging would YOU remember that it's in this winding thread? Me neither.

Let's face it: we often post like we talk, flitting from one topic to another but when you do that, it gets disorganized. So, I'm not going to get on anyone's case but I am going to tell you that you'll find stuff later on much easier if we all get in the habit of starting a new post when you're ready to "flit" to a new topic!

For instance, I have lots of good stuff to say about Ron's site, but I'm not going to say anything until he makes a new post!

(BTW, if you are "flitting" to another topic in a thread that has nothing to do with what you want to talk about just because you don't know how to post a new entry, you don't have to feel silly, stupid, nor admit it to anyone...just autonomously go to the top and click "Guides" and under "videos" watch the training video "Creating and Accessing Content") As Staples says "That was Easy!"



Thanks for reformatting my URL. I wanted to do that but didn't see any way to do so in responding to a post. Could I have done it myself, or did you perform some Christmas magic only available to coaches?


In your comments, you can use some basic html codes. For creating a link, the code is:

Sorry, every attempt I make to show you the code CREATES the code and link so you never see what creates it...I'll get this to you...soon, I hope! This is definitely more Merv's domain than mine.

Voila...your link will appear

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