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Any Introverts in the Crowd?

I think the ACRE model is perfect for introverts (I call us "Reluctant Prospectors"). Why? Oh, let me count the ways...

1. Introverts can not effectively sell their service or product unless they believe in it. If they sell real estate, they must know what they're doing and feel confident in their skill & expertise. They're not inclined to "fake it til you make it" with their precious clients. We tend to approach our real estate careers with the hearts of advisors, rather than of salespeople.

2. Introverts can (and should) trust their gut. We have good judgment and intuition, and have the natural ability to look at a specific situation and come up with a personalized solution. Isn't that what a consultant is supposed to do instead of charging Big Bucks for a boilerplate solution?

3. Introverts are not typically natural prospectors, especially if we feel our product or service is a commodity. We have a hard time approaching prospects with a canned script or off-the-shelf marketing piece. Offering an alternative business model gives us something unique to offer!

Being an introvert is not the same as being shy, and it's certainly not a criticism. As a successful introvert myself, I get tired of well-meaning extroverts telling me how "If I work at it, I can overcome my introversion," or my favorite, "An introverted salesperson - isn't that an oxymoron?"

A lot of people don't realize they're introverts - they just think there's something wrong with them when they question traditional prospecting techniques or hesitate to venture out of their comfort zones when seeking business.

I'm doing an interview today on BlogTalkRadio on the subject; if you'd like to listen in, here's the link... would love to have the moral support - this is the first time I've been interviewed on the subject!!! It's at 11:30 Eastern Time.



I'll be on the call Jennifer.

Funny that I've always thought of myself as an extrovert yet I have never loved the concept of "selling" in real estate. In fact, I don't even like to say that "I sold a house" - rather I now say "I assisted John and Sue in buying their home".

On the other hand, as we spoke about on the phone, in the past whenever I've needed to make some money quickly, I always opted to be a waitress because I felt that my personality would allow me to make better money in tips than I could at a minimum wage job.

In real estate, on one hand, I like working by commission because if I do a great job the reward is great but ONLY if I control the risk versus reward factor so that the reward IS in fact in line with the risk. However, in my heart of hearts, I still believe that unless it's a repeat client that knows me well, the consumer sees commissions as incompatible with giving objective advice.

BUT, I truly believe that non-contingent compensation, be it by the hour, or by a fee, is the future because that is the way fiduciaries are paid as well as technology making the functionary (admin)parts of our "package" increasingly replacable.

By no means would anyone call me an introvert, lol, however with regards to sales, I envision the days when you pulled up to a car lot looking for a car and an obnoxious salesperson tried to shove something down your throat just to make a sale.

Since I have always hated pushy, obnoxious sales people in all industries, I guess I naturally fell into the consulting role because I wouldn't want someone doing the same thing to me, so I didn't do it to my real estate clients. I've advised many people not to make an offer on a house, even when it was in my best interest to do so because of the money. That is why I love my motto "if you put the people first, the money will follow".

That, in a nutshell, is why I also love being an ACRE. There is no selling involved, only options that best fit the needs of the client. If that means they feel more comfortable with the commission plan, fine. Want a mixture of both? I can do that too. ACRE solely focuses on different methods and education so that the transaction is a win-win for all in the long run.

And btw - I forgot to mention Jennifer, THANK goodness there is another Southern'r on ACRE!!

We may have to give classes on 'southernSpeak' so everyone on the exchange will understand us, ie:

Y'all singular and means YOU
the plural version is Y'all ALL

"Fixina" I am fixing to go to work
meaning, I am getting ready to go to work

Mom's house and whoever still resides there
We're fixinto go to momanems...

Pitchin a fit:
Means you are mad. In different parts of the South, they THROW a fit rather than pitch a fit

LoL... Just a little humore to brighten the day! Now I'm fixina go listen to Jennifer on the radio!

Oh my gosh!

I just got through listening to Jennifer's interview with Blog Talk Radio (well, most of it - got cut off at the end)and I have to tell you, I feel like I just met my twin. Jennifer said so much of the same stuff that I've been saying, only in different words.

In fact, I'm beginning to believe that all the "differences" I thought we had after reading her AR blog, are not differences at all. Especially after reading her book, I'm convinced it's just how you put things.

Jennifer is a natural ACRE and I am so excited and proud that she's joined us.

Well, thank you!!!! And yes, I believe we have way more in common than not. Now, the challenge is getting the rest of the world on board...

Paula - I LOVE your southern-isms... I'm not southern, but sometimes I play one on TV...

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