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Client Survey Template

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Hi ACRE® Colleagues:

I want to revise and improve the client satisfaction survey I've been sending to clients but with which I have never been entirely happy. Does anyone have one they're willing to share? Thanks,


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Hi Ron,

Sorry for late reply to your post, I've had some personal issues to deal with lately and haven't been here as much as usual.

I have a great survey, as I'm sure do others, but rather than post everybody's I think it would be best if you post yours first so we can do a "friendly critique" and then we shall all have a great one to use?

I've found that it helps to have a different one for buyers vs sellers and I have another one for referrals. I also do certain touch points for transactions before, during and after the sale.

I've found that I get the best feedback and referrals from a buyer or seller, right after that stage I refer to as "Euphoria".

The Euphoria Stage for the buyer is right after they submit an offer and are hoping it gets accepted.

For the seller it is when an offer is made on their home.

I send something special to each of their offices if they both work that is particularly important to that client. ie: Dinner or movie tickets, golf, wine, lunch gift to nice restaurant, etc... something that gets left at the front desk of their office with your name and message on the card.

This is the best form of viral marketing in the world!! Everyone who has ever worked with a Realtor will say to themselves or out loud;hmmm MY Realtor NEVER did that for me!

Can you spell R-e-f-e-r-r-a-l?
It works like magic because it is all about the way you make them feel "special".

Once the (if) hard stuff comes along, if there is a problem with the inspection, appraisal, etc. . . then you send another round to their office's, again with a card and something to the effect of "I'm SO glad you got the house of your dreams or for a seller "I'm so happy we sold your house together!

Sorry, this is becoming a novel, but when you get into the topic of any form of marketing with me, I just can't stand it ;-)

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