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Discussion with my Broker


Yesterday I briefly stopped in to begin the ACRE conversation with my Broker. I was nervous but took the plunge and told him that I have taken a course in becoming an Accredited Consultant in Real Estate and that I would like to sit down and explain the different options this program helps us set up for our clients! His response?? It was great! He said fantastic, Im excited...I love to hear about new ways to make money. So I then suggested I would email him a link to the Intro to Consulting Presentation. Does anyone have any other suggestions.....???


That's fantastic Marjet. I love that you've jumped right in (Marjet just became an ACRE this weekend).

Coach Judi Bryan had a similar experience: she was worried about bringing it up to her broker and yet the concept was greeted with interest.

The absolute best thing to do is send him the link to the Intro To Consulting Series: (http://tinyurl.com/m7dmpk). You could also suggest that he watch some of the videos for consumers at http://www.ACREonYouTube.com. Lastly, he can certainly explore http://www.TheConsultingTimes.com. There are a lot of common questions that have been posed in the section: Ask the ACRE Council (http://tinyurl.com/nyknll).

ACREs: do any of you have other ideas for Marjet? How did you present consulting to your brokers? And ACRE-Brokers: what would you like to hear that would peak your interest if someone was talking to you about consulting?

Great start Marjet!

Hi Marjet:

Welcome aboard!

Mollie's ideas above are all great. In addition, you could look at certain fellow ACRE®S' personal websites. Start with the ACRE® Locator and scout them out from there. Here an idea, there an idea!

Best of luck!


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