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A Dozen Benefits of Offering Consulting Choices


ACRE® Wynne Achatz was putting together an information packet on the plusses of Consulting and the ACRE® designation. She asked if someone could provide some.

Ron Stuart listed twelve!

  1. It has given me a whole different approach to real estate brokerage.
  2. It makes people curious.
  3. My listing presentation is competitively lethal.
  4. I have something different to talk about, compared to other REALTORS®.
  5. I get business I wouldn't otherwise get.
  6. It can be a conversation starter.
  7. Clients feel empowered.
  8. Clients can save money.
  9. I have more credibility.
  10. Consulting clients take more ownership of their decisions, like asking price for example.
  11. No more pressure from clients about advertising, public open houses, etc. They can have anything they want at a price.
  12. Consulting frees me to give impartial advice.
Perhaps you have more. If so, please add them!


Great list Ron! Our experience exactly when were active. The one I would highlight is:

Lethal Listing Presentation

We never lost a listing even when the client was still interviewing other agents. They always came back to us because we were so transparent: they knew exactly what they were getting for the price. In addition, our presentations were never about us. It was always focused on what and how we work for the client. AND, we always backed up our opinions on value with real data.


PS: I put two examples of our listing presentation in the library. If anyone is interested, go to the Library, Documents, open Group by Author, find my Listing Presentations.

Little late to the party due to some personal and medical issues. I'll look at Merv's presentation, but why don't you also upload yours as well Ron? There could be some things that would work for some, others not and mesh into not only a lethal listing presentation, but Fatal ;-)

I am perfectly sure that Merv's is to die for, he is such a rocket scientist. I bet if you measured his IQ it would go off the chart and Mensa would make him President.

Thank goodness for people like you on our Team! KUDO's!!!

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