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Consulting Brokerage?

Below is the text of a message sent out earlier today to known ACRE® Brokers. To cover the possibility of missing anyone, as well as to solicit input from others, I reproduce it here:

Dear ACRE® Colleagues:

You are receiving this missive because you are both a Broker and an ACRE®.

As part of the ACRE® Webinar Series we would like to pull together the collective opinions, knowledge, wisdom and experience of the ACRE® Broker Community as it relates to the idea of setting up and operating a “Consulting Only Brokerage.” It will probably take the form of a Moderated Round Table Discussion and your participation will be important.

At this point we need an indication of your interest in the subject, whether or not you might be willing to participate and generally your thoughts on the idea. We look forward to hearing from you this week at seminars@theconsultingtimes.com .

Best regards,

Ron Stuart
ACRE® Teleseminar/Webinar Coordinator

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