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Attention ACRE Brokers (and all others interested)


ACRE wants to help us succeed! Anyone interested in participating in a Virtual Mastermind Group of ACRE Brokers, please chime in and/or contact me directly.

Some topics of discussion include:
Where are you with using the ACRE model?
What have been your successes?
What have been your failures?
What are drivers for your success?
What are the barriers that prevent you from success in using the ACRE model in your brokerage?
How do you structure compensation?
Sharing of best practices....and other topics that the group would like to focus on.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating, some time blocks of when you would be available for conference calls and how frequently you want to hold calls (once a week, 2x/month, once/month,once/quarter).

Once we understand the interest level, Ron Stuart and I will coordinate and post details. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

Stacy Erickson (ACRE Broker Liaison)
Halcyon Realty Group
Mesa, AZ


although I'm not a broker, I have worked as partners with two brokers and was regional mgr for one. If you think I could be of help, I would be interested in participating

Hi Stacy,  Not sure if you are doing anytype of mastermind with other brokers or not since you initiated this post a year ago.  I would be interested in discussing broker issues with other ACRE brokers.  I just became and ACRE and am the broker of an small independent office and am seriously considering making it an ACRE only office.  I believe being an ACRE is a great way to differentiate from other agents who are commission only.  I know I have a long way to go with what I would like to accomplish but I definitely think it will be worth the effort. 

If you are still interested in working with other brokers, count me in.  Thanks.

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