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How to Bring Your Broker Aboard


One of our newer graduates, Hafiz Mohammad, commented this morning on the challenge of getting his broker aboard the consulting model. This is a common concern amongst new ACRE agents and probably veteran ACREs who are still fighting the battle. Ironically, many of our ACRE-brokers have the similar challenge of bringing the consulting model to their agents.

We do have some good resources available to help other professionals to understand what consulting is all about - and more importantly, what it's NOT.

  1. Have them to watch our video: Intro To Consulting For Real Estate Professionals. It provides a good overview of the consulting model. 
  2. Have them read Ron's fantastic article that Hafiz commented on: Differing Views on Renumeration.
  3. Have them check out the ACRE course.

I know it's a challenge to change our industry's collective thinking but it's starting to happen. One of the reasons that we now offer the ACRE course free of charge is to lower the barriers of sticking your toe in the water and trying ACRE. If you believe that consulting just makes sense, make sure to let others know. We will get there!

If you are having a similar challenge like Hafiz, I invite you to get involved with this discussion. Collectively, we can help each other in spreading the word and changing our industry.


I am very pleased that my Broker also sees the changes in the market and has already prepared a "Suggested" FEE SCHEDULE (which of course we can alter to our own preferences), LISTING AGREEMENT for Services (That will be signed along with the MLS Agreement), CREDIT CARD authorization form to be signed by the Client allowing us to be paid immediately upon services rendered ... along with Step By Step Instructions for handling this type of business. It is very nice to have a broker on board.

Ed, can you share your broker's suggested fee schedule with us by uploading it to the ACRE library?

Denyce, I'm not sure that we want to have specific fee schedules posted in the library. We don't want to be accused of setting fees - we have to be careful about collusion. But Ed, if you could share, the general framework without specific fees, it would be helpful.

That's incredible! I practiced on a fee schedule with progress payments but couldn't get the broker up to speed on credit card payments. I even offered to pay the transaction fees but, no dice.

Well done!

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