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Info and paperwork to take out to a FSBO to try and get the listing or atleast some kind of business from them.


I was wondering what info would be good to take out to a FSBO.  I want to be able to go out to them and tell them about the different services that we can offer instead of just trying to get them to list their house with us. A lot of FSBOs dont want to use an agent, but if I can offer different services at certain prices that might open a different door for them and for us.  So I wanted to know if there was some kind of info that you can send me, or direct me too that I will be able to present to these FSBOs.
  Thank you very much 
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John, I'd highly recommend that you have the prospect complete the seller needs analysis prior to meeting with them. Once they have completed it, you will know EXACTLY what you need because they will tell you. I developed the Needs Analysis originally because FSBO's are used to getting "a pitch". Starting off with asking them what they want and need is a refreshing change.

Remember that you're in control though! They might want you to just throw it in the MLS and they'll do everything else. You have every right to tell them that you're not comfortable doing that and why. But the Needs Analysis is a great starting point.

ACRE's: Any other ideas for John?

Mollie, You are absolutely correct. We tend in our haste to compact the steps too often. Step compacting is only for Teachers in PA to raise pay ;) ~ Sorry. But the point of the Seller or Buyer questionaires is to gain all understanding of the needs, focus and or education our clients need. Thanks for the reminder Mollie!


 Thank you  very much.  Where can I find this Needs Analysis paperwork. And also is there any kind of letter that I could drop off to these FSBOs.  Something basically stating what it is I could offer to them.  A lot of times these people are not home when I make visits the first time and I would like to let them know I was there and what it is I could offer.  Also on the Needs Analysis paper is there a rate that we should charge and does it give a certain amount of time that each task will take?

John, you took the ACRE Course live and if I remember, we ran out of time regarding the Needs Analysis. I'd recommend that you download the newest edition of the course book in the Library as it will not only give you the worksheets but also some thoughts about how to best use them. You can also download just the Needs Analysis in the library but I think going through the chapter on using them will be helpful.

Rates to charge are personal and should be - we don't set rates or fees for you. Even if we weren't concerned with the collusion police, it just wouldn't work - it's like taking someone else's prescription medicine. I would check with your broker and get her ideas on fees. Hope this helps John!

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