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My FIRST Consulting Gig!

I completed the ACRE study program and earned my certification.  I added a consulting services page to my website and prepared myself for this shift in the way I approach real estate.  Today I got my first consulting gig!  Here is how it went:

I received and email through my website requesting a meeting regarding my real estate services to list a couple's home.  I showed up both prepared to list the home in the traditional manner and also to present my consulting services menu for the first time.

We sat down at the dining room table and the husband says to me, "I am curious, we read on your website about your consulting services and we really want to hear about how that works."  I was so delighted!!!  The consumer asked me about consulting and it made me think..."This is really where our business is going, people are curious about having options and choices!!!"  AWESOME!!!

I launched into how I came into the whole consulting concept, about ACRE and about how the wants and needs of consumers are changing and moving in a direction that affords them to have the service that they want without being held hostage by only one way of doing real estate.  They both agreed that what I was telling them was true and then they proceeded to tell me which services they wanted from me!  It was amazing and somewhat surreal!

I am putting together a proposal for them for helping them sell their home and just had to get online and share my first consulting experience!  The take-away...this is really cool and I love it!  Thanks ACRE for lighting the path to a new way of doing real estate!!!


Thank YOU Jeani for sharing! I have always believed that the roadblocks in changing how we do things does not lie with the consumer - it lies with the industry. The consumer wants and needs what you have to offer. Way to go Jeani and let us know how you make out!

By the way, I'm changing the category of your post from "New Graduates" to "Buyers, Sellers & Beyond". With your latest experience, you are no longer a newbie!

Your story makes my heart pound! Carry on bravely!

Congratulations!!!  I have my first appointment this weekend with a couple who has interest in hearing about consulting models too.  I am loving this!!!!

Ahhh the stff Dreams are made from!!

That's exciting.

BTW, did you get paid for consulting yet?

When does your consulting meter start?

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