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Tales of the New Consultant


Well here I am three fresh weeks from my course, still aglow from the knowledge infused into me from the ACRE course, and am still not done with my fee schedule. I know, I know, I was warned about this in the course, and had vowed to be compliant with the atleast 30 mins a day rule to work on my consulting business. Like so many other resolutions, this one has come up short as well. Well, not to beat myself up too much, here I am now, and now is what matters.

So far all is well. There hasn't been a rush of new business to me, per se, but necessarily time has once again become my friend. I interviewed a potential client the other day for suitability in working with me. See the ACRE course given me a different perspective now on this real estate game. Perhaps I need to cool the cockinees a bit, but I certainly will not ever abandon my now new way of seeing the real estate relationship. I value my time such now that instead of asking potential clients to hire me, and why they should, I require potential clients to reveal to me why I should use my valuable time to help them reach their goals. I certainly am nervous everytime I do this, and so far no one has paid my required retainer, but I am of little worries. I rejoice as I know time not wasted on those who value not my time is time well spent in pursuits which are unnecessary for me to receive compensation, like family time.


It is not my intent to scare propsects away. nah, but rather, I do like my fees serving as a scarecrow for those who would waste my time. Both propspects who I have lost so far are folks who my gut told me would never be able to close. I've seen it often enough to know when someone is piping the impossible dream chimes. I'm always tempted to want to help that fellow or lady, as I was once them. However, those folks are not me, and I can't expect them to be able to be like me. I see the world differently than most people I meet. My perspective tends to be antagonistic to established perspectives. My perspective, thru it's acqusition, challenged my own held up to that point worldview. Those less flexiable them myself would find these developed perspectives extremely challeging to their own acquried worldview. In so saying, when I try to apply my template to others, normally disater occurs. It's best for me to be where the other person is at, instead of them coming to where I'm at. If I see however, their perspective will gain me nothing I've been prone to ignore this instict inside me. No more. The ACRE training has added steel to my gut, and iron to my stride.

Now enough with the bravado, I've work to complete. Understand I know success is eminent thru this method, as thus far I've saved myself from disaterous and non profitable out comes. To all who read, stay well, be blessed, and the best of luck.


Ferris, keep plugging - you'll find your way. And thanks for posting about your journey, I'm sure others can relate.

Here is an email I just got back from a prospect that recently had a meeting with me. Although he is not engaging my services at this point I just thought the impact my meeting with this gentlemen left is a true testament to the ACRE method.



After careful consideration, I am not able to muster up the upfront money that you require.

However, I appreciate and admire your talent for real estate. Let's briefly review your skills that I find appealing.

1. You aroused my interest. For heavens sake, I called you and texted you. In other words, you created a desire in me to do business with you.
2. You articulated a plan for a profitable relationship.
    Mind you, I only know one of your clients and he's not even following what you are doing yet I was impressed with your business savvy.
3. You may or may not understand, but your speech cadence and ability to listen to my goals impressed me.
    In other words, your speech was reassuring and I can tell that you cared about my goals.
4. Lastly, by stating it takes $500.00 retainer and $79.00 an hour to start made me think about my own worth.
    Why can't I charge that for my skills, my knowledge, my abilities? The answer is, I can and should charge others for my time.

In short, even though I do not qualify to do business with you, you have made a positive impact from our brief encounter. I sounds corny, but you have added value to my life.

Thank you,

(name withheld)"


I thought that was great feedback.

What a wonderful email to get back Ferris. And yes, even though you didn't get this transaction, don't think for a moment that you haven't just acquired a raving fan that will tell others about your business.

Would you be willing to work with him on a commission basis if that's all he can do? Is the risk of the transaction worth working on contingency? Good questions to ponder.

To get consulting to become VIRAL we need "Sneezers" to spread the germ.  You've created a Sneezer.  Congrats!!

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