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Work in the Present but Look to the Future


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Bullseye, Mollie! Your analogies about typewriters and digital photography are sooo "on the money!"

Mollie, you managed to sum up in a single post one of the most important ACRE concepts. That is: "History is replete with industries that, when failing to move with the times, were extinguished. Consulting offers a model where you can continue to provide the services you always have, but smart professionals will put increasing resources into newer areas of business that are "wide open blue oceans". Brava!

the book, Rules for revolutionaries by Guy Kawasacki has about 20 pages of great examples., i think i see a cartoon in the making. Mollie can i dovetail off your blog words to create a cartoon to repost?

Absolutely Glenn. Maybe we can work on it together.

Question: do you think it would be good to repost this on Active Rain?

absolutely. do you want to write the script and ill put the pictures and people and bring them to life?

and YES every post that is posted on ACRE should be posted on ACTIVE Rain 204,000 Realtors,

ill also work on one that we can look at, maybe we can start a business. hahahah

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