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Can we? Should we?

I recently got an email from a long time friend who I helped sell their house, as well as buy another.  Her mother owns some property and wants my help selling it, only problem is

It is not within my MLS jurisdiction.  So, I recommend to her that I will find an agent who can best help her.  She doesn't trust a lot of people and wanted to know if I would oversee the entire process.  Hmmmm... that got me thinking about consulting and how to apply in this situation.  Being a 3rd party mediator is not something I've done before, but would find it challenging.  What does everyone think of charging to do this type of consulting?  I don't want to step on any toes, but she really insists that I stay involved.  I could just take a referral fee and be done with it, but on the other hand, given her comments about involvement, I could charge by the hour, or by a flat fee to talk to listing agent, oversee offers, negotiations, etc.  Interesting!  Let me know your thoughts on this.



I guess the question is how active a role are you expected to take. For a referral fee I have taken a passive role in a transaction monitoring emails and make sure the client I referred was content.

I think an active role would merit some compensation. 

Thanks for your input Frank. Yes, I think the role she wants me to play will be VERY involved, which is why a referral fee won't work but consulting would.   If she wants my involvement at such an in depth level, she will need to pay me for my time. .  I'm wondering if I should take off the referral fee though, and just do consulting?  It doesn't help that the other agent on this transaction has no clue.  This will make it a lot more work as well.  I'm trying to get him to sign up for ACRE, lol, so he can become enlightened.


I'd leave the referral fee too. Especially if you need to educate the other agent. Think of it as educational consulting.   :-)

Unless I'm missing something, I think the answer is fairly simple.  Find a flat-fee company that will post it in the MLS and then YOU can do everything that you would normally for a seller client.  I am assuming that the listing is still in your state (or where you're licensed), so representation wouldn't be an issue, only MLS access.

If you don't know of one, you may want to check out Century 21 Clickit, as they seem to be everywhere.  At least with them, that gives the added benefit of a top franchise name, link on Century 21.com and other major web portals without you doing added work.

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