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Press Release for ACRE®s


With kudos to ACRE® Jeani Thomas Richie for her writing and to ACRE® Fred Carver for making the request to get this started, I am excited to announce a Press Release that can be personalized and sent out either to your managers, board and association heads or local relevant media.

I am attaching it here in both Word and pdf formats here and also making it available in the Library under "Press Release Template". If you have received your ACRE® designation within the last few months, I'd encourage you to personalize and get it out there. Your ability to provide options to the consumer will certainly be noteworthy!

This is a sample Press Release, so feel free to edit as you see fit.

Also, please comment on this post and let us know what you think.




Nicely done!

Thanks to Jeani - she did the heavy lifting!

Remember ACREs that it doesn't do any good to have developed these great consulting tools if no one knows about them! Here's just another tool to get the word out.

My pleasure to help! :)

Outstanding Jeani! They are also in the Library in "Press Release Template"

Perfect! Just what the "doctor" ordered!

Thanks Molly and Jeani

Well done, and thanks for this marketing piece. 

This is great, thank you Jean.  I want to use it as soon as possible but will wait for my Smart Plan training because I feel I will have lots of colleagues and clients calling me and I want to feel assured of what I say and do. 

Thanks again Molly.

that's great stuff, thanks all

Hi Jeani- thank you very much for putting in the effort for Fred and I! Now we'll all benefit from your expertise and skill!

Tony Wick

Hey, I just found out I need a press release for a speaking event!!! Jeani - can you help me? Pleeeeeeease?!!!

Jennifer, if it would help, you can check out the one that Jeani wrote for new ACREs and adapt it: you'll find it in the Resource Library under "Press Release Template". (For those who don't know how to get to the Library, go to the top navigation bar and click "Exchange Resources" and then "Library").

Thanks, Mollie - I saw that and will see if I can muddle thru by myself... but I'd love Jeani's input!

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