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How Realtors Can Benefit From Real Estate Rebate Agreements


Just posted this new article in the Times Community as well as on Active Rain.

Please add your thoughts.



Glenn, this is a really interesting take on rebates. I encourage everyone to take a look.

I posted a comment on Active Rain.  Your post made me think about this...why is there such a big deal made over anti-trust and price fixing and yet rebating to clients is being outlawed in some states.  It seems that rebating is the antithesis of price fixing...just thinking outloud :)

Mollie and Jeani,  thanks, I appreciate it and you placing it on the right side of the menu.

Jeani, There is a big deal because the old guard is trying to hold on just a little bit longer.  They cant lobby against positive change forever.  The DOJ is fighting to ALLOW rebating not looking to stop it.  I would like to sit in a think box with you some day!

Thanks Glenn!  My dad was a serious deep analytical thinker (engineer :D) and taught me to consider many possibilities and look at challenges from many different angles.  Sometimes my thoughts have merit and sometimes I am just brainstorming myself to a logical conclusion that doesn't always prove me right, but I love the process!!!  It frustrates most people because they don't grasp the value of brainstorming to a logical conclusion, they think you should only think outloud when you are right!  Geezzz...that is just not fun!!! :D

will you PLEEEEEEZE talk to my wife, she says, "get your thoughts together, then speak, just don't blurt out everything on your tongue"!  I tell her thats the way I think, through external interaction of thoughts.  Amatuers!  :)

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