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Needs Analysis Sample Dialogs


We created three sample dialogs between an ACRE® and consumer utilizing the Needs Analysis Tool to give you some ideas in how you can use it.


ACRE on You Tube



Dialog 1 with a Seller  (Run Time 3:22)

Here is the script in Word: NeedsAnalysisDialog1-Seller.doc


Dialog 2 with a Seller  (Run Time 3:24)

Here is the script in Word: NeedsAnalysisDialog2-Seller.doc


Dialog 1 with a Buyer  (Run Time 2:42)

Here is the script in Word: NeedsAnalysisDialog1-Buyer.doc


Let us know if you have any questions or how you're doing in incorporating the Needs Analysis tool.


love the Go Animate, I couldnt make it work so good, I may have to try again

This video is really great.  It makes the process seem so easy. Donna

Congrats Mollie on another excellent tool to help us on our journey to be the best consultants we can be!  This video is very helpful.

Susan Mekenney

Hey Mollie, this is some great informaton.  Its very useful and the videos are great.


Ismael Jusino

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