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Strategic Partnerships and Marketing RE consulting


Would like to start a dialogue to brainstorm about how we might "Strategic Partnerships" to market our services a real estate consultants.  My first thought is to help buyers and of course charge the buyer a consulting fee as services are performed. Upon closing, I, as consultant and broker would authorize the title company to give buyer broker commissions to the buyer.  As part of my written buyers agreement, the buyer would agree to give a small donation to the strategic partner.  It might be a donation of $100 or even $500 dollars to the strategic partner, which ever amount has been discussed witht th strategic partner and is agreeable with the buyer.

Possible strategic partners could be non-profit organizations, associations, religious organizations, credit unions, etc. The benefit to a credit union or other lender would possibly be funds going to the buyer for a larger down payment. The Freezman might know about this. Do lenders allow the commission rebate to be applied to the down payment? Must it be disclosed in advance?

The strategic partner is going to be concerned about lending their name to a for-profit endeavor and would be concerned about reputation, therefore a good plan must be developed and well presented to the strategic partner. It must look reputable and well planned.

It mighy be a good idea to put a link button on my website entitled "Strategic Partnerships"

Would like to start a continuing dialogue on this subject. Your thoughts please.



Lester, I know that you were on the Webinar last week, what did you think?  I would be happy to discuss this initiative with you.  Is "THE FREEZMAN" similar to calling Trump "THE DON" in the context in which you wrote it?  :)

the Nucazza webinar helped me to better understand your concept. The words and graphics help newbies and amateur buyers to better understand.

I had difficulty knowing how I can help you or how you can help me, as a pro in Texas. Probably how we can best help each other is to brainstorm and give marketing ideas together.

I have been to your Nucazza website several times and did not see any faces on video, which might make it more personable.

Always willing to help.


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